Swedish Administrative Jobs

Challenging, rewarding work that makes a difference.

Administrative & Management Services

To those who show initiative and a strong desire to perform work that truly touches lives, Swedish offers a broad range of career possibilities in administration and management services.

As a thriving health-care system, we offer clinical care, operations and support services professionals the opportunity to work in a life-changing environment where your work and contributions can truly impact the lives of others.

Of course, the excitement of working in a fast-paced, changing environment is why so many of our employees love it here. As the greater Seattle area's largest, most comprehensive health system, we can offer wide open growth opportunity across a number of professions, as well as excellent pay and benefits, and on top of all that—great people to work with.

You'll find a higher level of commitment here from your co-workers, and we find that sometimes, that makes all the difference. Where you work matters, and when you work at Swedish, your work matters to us.